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Upcoming Consensus Study

In January, the LWV Grand Traverse Area will discuss an upcoming consensus study. The goal is to update the LWV Michigan's current position on taxation and budgeting. There are three components of the new study: Understand state revenue sources Examine state expenditures Look at state/local fiscal relationships

See the calendar for event details

More information about the study is at

The following documents will aid the study process:

  1. The current position, titled Taxation and Budgeting
  2. Guide for Government Finance Study; Note: in late July, the Committee will send you a power point to use in local League programs if desired.
  3. Government Finance Study, Consensus Questions and Background. The background information needed to answer the questions is included in this document
  4. State Revenue Chart A handy reference for the state sources of revenue; note: federal funds make up the additional 42% of the total revenue.
  5. Government Finance Definitions
  6. "Resource List for Government Finance Study"<+"
  7. A Power Point presentation to aid the consensus question process, along with a facilitator's guide.
  8. Government Finance Consensus Question/Responses This document should be used by your local League to record responses to consensus questions. Consensus report is due March 1, 2017.