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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

In Memory of Inara Kurt

Written by Peggy Townsend

In May 2015, Inara Kurt received the League of Women Voters-GTA Outstanding Service Award. This dedicated, talented, passionate, gracious, and thoughtful woman continued to be outstanding in the years that followed. Sadly, Inara passed away suddenly November 14, 2017, tending her garden, a job she loved. This loss weighs heavily on her family, friends, and her fellow LWVGTA members.

Inara Kurt and Peg Townsend - voter registration at NMC 2017

Inara has been ever present in League activities, most especially as chairman and later co-chairman of the Voter Services committee. Her leadership and work in those roles has impacted the Grand Traverse Area community in a variety of ways. She championed and staffed voter registration drives and played an integral part in planning, organizing, and putting on successful candidate and issue forums. Whether it was registering new voters at Northwestern Michigan College or helping seniors in assisted living facilities find out how they could cast an absentee ballot, Inara was there. If it took multiple phone calls to secure a candidate's presence at a forum, she did it. She learned quickly that persistence quite often pays off.

As a spokesperson for the Voter Services committee, she so clearly explained the League's mission to encourage citizens to participate in the democratic process and to offer ways to become informed voters. When she was asked why she gave up so much of her time and talents to the Grand Traverse League, Inara said, "I get excited about educating voters so that they can make thoughtful choices. I like being an active part of that process." Active and excited she was in promoting the best that democracy has to offer. Her friends in the League have been inspired by this very special woman, and we will do our best to emulate her excitement, her passion, and her dedication to those worthy goals. We will miss you, dear friend, "to the moon and back".