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Promote the Vote

On Thursday, April 4, Sharon Dolente spoke about the Promote the Vote campaign to expand voting rights in Michigan. She is the ACLU Voting Rights Strategist. Her presentation explained why the League of Women Voters Michigan, the ACLU, and several other partners (see have formed a coalition to campaign for expanded Michigan voting rights. The campaign focuses on seven common sense measures that would make voting in Michigan easier and would increase security in the voting process.

The attached link will allow you to hear Sharon explain how Michigan is behind 37 other states in expanding voting rights. She will talk about how such changes have increased voter turnout in those states. She will also discuss how it is not just states branded as liberal who have expanded voting rights. Her presentation is not only informative, but engaging.

Since the Promote the Vote program occurred on the day of the last snowstorm, attendance was low. Therefore, the LWVGTA Board encourages members and others to watch it via UpNorthMedia's link below. Once you view the presentation, the LWVGTA Board hopes that you will be enthused about supporting this proposed amendment and will help put the proposal on the ballot in November by circulating petitions or by urging your friends and neighbors to sign a petition.

Petitions can be picked up and completed ones turned in to Bev Newson at the Woodmere branch library on Tuesdays, starting April 17, from 11:30a.m.-1:30p.m. Peg Townsend or Anne Montgomery will be at the Woodmere branch on Sundays starting April 15 (if weather permits) from 2:30 - 4:30p.m. Our location will be to the left as you enter the front door of the library, either in the space before the McGuire room or just outside that space. If you aren't able to come at either of those times, please contact Bev, Peg, or Anne Montgomery starting in May) to set up another way to pick up/return petitions. Your help and support is essential to the success of the Promote the Vote campaign. Thank you. Peg Townsend - Voter Services Co-chair

Redistricting in Michigan

The League of Women Voters of Michigan supports the ballot proposal initiated by Voters Not Politicians (VNP), that calls for an Independent Commission to establish district lines. On December 18, 2017, VNP submitted the requisite number of petition signatures to the Secretary of State's office. We congratulate VNP on its successful efforts.

For more information, visit the LWV Michigan's Redistricting page